101 Things in 1001 Days

Two months after I graduated from university, I had an identity crisis. Or rather, I realized that I’d been having identity crises through most of my young adult life. I realized that I had been living my life for other people and didn’t actually know what I wanted. That did make me think about all the things I haven’t experienced and all the things I don’t know if I like.
So, in 2014, I made a list of different things that I want to accomplish and experience. Some of them are quite ambitious and I may fall short, but that’s part of the process. This list is to be completed in 1001 days, so my deadline is MARCH 27, 2017. When I first wrote that, it seemed like forever away. But here we are. It’s almost 2016 and I thought I’d take this opportunity to revisit this list, see how I’ve done, and make plans to check some things off.
So… without any further ado…. Here is my list of
101 Things in 1001 Days
*disclaimer. I have counted and recounted this list and I’m almost positive there are 101 things here. But math is hard…
  1. Workout at least 3x a week for 6 months
  2. Try a yoga class
  3. Be able to do 10 pushups
  4. Follow the eating plan my doctor gave me for at least 6 months
  5. Stretch for 15 minutes every day for a month
  6. Give up sugar for 6 months
  7. Do a Whole30 Challenge
  8. Do the couch to 5k program
  9. Do PT twice a day for a month straight
  10. Drink 2 Nalgenes of water every day for 2 weeks straight
  1. Go a week without buying ANYTHING
  2. Buy a little black dress
  3. Build a wardrobe of things that I love
  4. Only buy clothes/shoes/jewelry from thrift stores for six months
  5. Donate all the clothes that I feel anything less than thrilled about
  1. Expand my vocabulary by 100 words
  2. Write 15 poems
    1. Shorter. Thinner. More Fabulous.
    2. Sober Questions
    3. Shame
    4. I am a Waterfall
    5. Teacup
    6. Rahab
    7. Fata Morgana
    8. For Safekeeping
    9. Astraphobia
    10. Ogdoad
    11. Afebrile
    12. Lonely
    13. The In-Betweens
    14. Neverland
    15. Molasses Heartbeats
  3. Keep a journal every day for 3 months
  4. Cultivate an opinion on politics my opinion is that I don’t care about it
  5. Get a library card 9/12/15
  6. Read 6 women’s biographies
    1. Maya Angelou – I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings finished on 8/25/15
    2. The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg
    3. Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    4. No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Year in Washington by Condoleeza Rice
    5. My Story by Marilyn Monroe
    6. This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection by Carol Burnett
  7. Read 5 novels
    1. Outlander
    2. Dorothy Must Die finished on 4/14/15
    3. Revolutionary Road finished on 7/7/14
    4. The Girl on the Train finished on 12/27/15
    5. Eve finished on 1/18/16
  8. Read 10 Books nonfiction books
    1. Women in the Word from She Reads Truth
    2. Let’s All Be Brave by Annie Downs
    3. The Best Yes
    4. #GirlBoss
    5. Switch On Your Brain by Dr Caroline Leaf
    6. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
    7. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Condo
    8. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
    9. The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson
    10. I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Making the Journey from “What Will People Think?” to “I Am Enough” by Brene Brown
  9. Read the Bible all the way through
  10. Read all of Maya Angelou’s poetry
  11. Spend a whole weekend without technology
  12. Make a list of things I like to do
  13. Re-learn German to a semi-conversational level
  14. Write one blog post a week for 6 months
  15. Take my last CLEP test to get my diploma Passed 7/27/14
  16. Write one short story a month and submit them to contests
  1. Have dinner at the restaurant at the Getty Center at sunset
  2. Have a picnic at night on Mullholland Dr with Marisa and Steph on 11/4/14
  3. Go sailing
  4. Go paint balling
  5. Go to a candlelight Christmas Eve Service
  6. Hike to the Hollywood Sign
  7. Have a beach bonfire  Bonfire w/ C3 peeps on 7/3/14
  8. Go to a wine tasting
  9. Ride the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier
  10. Start a tradition for just me
  11. Go skinny dipping
  12. Perform at a poetry open mic night 7/24/15 at TeaPop’s first open mic
  13. Be an extra in a movie  DIANI & DEVINE FACE THE APOCALYPSE
  14. Go to the LA flower market
  15. Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever is on it
  16. Watch the sunset and sunrise on the same night
  17. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day 7/4/15 – day at the beach w/ C3
  18. Drive a vespa/scooter
  19. See a musical at the Pantages
  20. Show my family Los Angeles showed my mom LA when she was out here Easter of 2015
  21. Go to a taping of a talk show – Conan, for work
  22. Go to a shooting range
  23. Get a hot stone massage 4/26/15
  24. See a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery  Saw Blue Velvet on 7/19/14
  25. Go to a drive-in movie
  26. Go to the Hollywood Bowl Little Mermaid in Concert 6/6/16
  27. Go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding
  28. Go to a free concert of someone I’ve never heard of
  29. Art Walk at PBR brewery
  30. Ride on the metro
  31. Ride rollercoasters (to see if I like them) I do! went to six flags on 8/13
  32. Walk through Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery
  33. Hike through the abandoned zoo in Griffith Park completed 8/2/14
  34. Have breakfast at paradise cove completed 8//15 w
  35. Go to the LA zoo went with Steph Peitzmeier on 4/18/15
  36. Swim in an infinity pool on a rooftop
  37. Go to an archery range
  38. Go skydiving – 4/17/16
  39. Go to Griffith Observatory
  40. Ring in the New Year with friends
  41. Go to a Bronze Radio Return Show – 3/13/16
  42. Have a sunset picnic on the beach
  43. Get a tattoo  10/14/14
  44. Go to a Taylor Swift show 8/22/15

  1. Spend a weekend at Big Bear
  2. Take a road trip up the PCH
  3. Spend a weekend in San Francisco
  4. Take a trip to San Diego for C3 Americas Conference July 2014
  5. See Sequoia National Park
  6. See the Northern Lights
  7. See Niagra Falls
  8. Ride in a hot air balloon
  9. Take a trip out of the country – Nicaragua 11/5/16
  10. Have a getaway w/ my best friends WanderLust  C3 Everywoman Retreat May 2015
  1. Make a budget and STICK TO IT!
  2. Set up a savings account w/ a bank that isn’t just in MT
  3. Save $1,500 dollars in said bank account
  4. Put $5 in a mason jar for every item I complete and use the money to fund the next list.
  5. Pay off at least half of my school loans
  6. Research how to be the executive in charge of acquisitions at a film distribution company
  7. Meet Meryl and have her make a video for Sara Reidy
  8. Finish a full book of Sudoku puzzles
  9. Finish Game of Thrones  caught up through season 4 on 7/20/14
  10. Watch all of FRIENDS
  11. Be in Amanda’s wedding wedding was 10/18/14
  12. Buy the coffee for the person behind me in line.
  13. Send flowers to my mom @ work 9/29/14 (for her birthday on 9/28!)
  14. Make a journal out of the McGuffey reader that I bought in Tulsa 2/27/15
  15. Take 2 different friends out to dinner and pay for their meal
  16. Make a NEW 101 things in 1001 days list (include witnessing the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017)
101 Things in 1001 Days

2 thoughts on “101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. Great list! I know it’s nothing like Maya Angelou’s biography, but I highly recommend Carol Burnett’s “This Time Together” as another biography to read. Preferably to listen to on audiobook because her story telling is perfection. Love the way you write, Kat! Keep it up!


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