Fata Morgana

fata morgana

The scene plays out in my mind again and again. I’ve slain my own dragons (because I’ve never been under the illusion that I need a prince for that), Prince Charming had shown up on his horse, and we’re riding toward a castle that is framed by the sunset. Somehow, my childhood fantasies turned into real life expectations. The idea that everything has to fit within the storyline I’ve concocted in my head and that it has to be tied up with a bow just in time for happily ever after. It’s paralyzing, this notion that everything i do has to fit within the plan. So I go along, making decisions based on this fairytale in my head, and suddenly, it all comes crashing down. I have arrived at what I thought was my castle only to find that it was just a mirage. It’s not a place where I can live and love, it is an empty cliffside that my mind had tricked me into thinking was inhabitable. So here I stand, everything in me wants to look off into the distance for a new castle and prince; but what if my fairytale is not about simply getting to a happy ever after? What if it’s not a fairytale at all? That idea is freeing; so, for now, i am going to enjoy the view from this barren cliff as I make friends with my dragons and throw my fairytales to the wind.

k.k. // Fata Morgana

📷: @kilianschoenberger

Fata Morgana

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